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  • Anchoria was formed in 2015 by Nathan Kennedy, Timothy Steria, Shane Lear, and Dalton Sutton. Since then, the band disbanded due to new jobs and new families being started.

    These songs are near and dear to our hearts. They’re what we set out to do as a band. We wanted to do something that challenged each of us musically. Something we’ve never done before individually. We all had a vision of what we wanted and each brought something different to the table that completed that vision.

    This is the only effort to be released by Anchoria, Dream : Divination, aside from “Crucio (Single),” a b-side/single released the same day as this EP on our Bandcamp.

    Recorded between 2015 and 2019 in Tim’s apartment kitchen & music room in Black River, NY; Dalton’s room in Copenhagen, NY; and Nathan’s room in Theresa, NY and later in Alexandria Bay, NY.

    Written and performed by Nathan Kennedy, Timothy Steria, Shane Lear, and Dalton Sutton.

    Produced, tracked, and mixed by Dalton Sutton @ Bro Code Studios in Northern New York & Topeka, Kansas between 2015 – 2019.

    Mastered by Matty C Beats in Watertown, New York.

    Album artwork illustrated by Scott Cumming in Scotland.

    This is our thank you and goodbye. Thank you to those of you who came out to any of our shows, snagged a sticker, said hello, and lastly, to those of you who have waited as long as we have to release these songs. These songs couldn’t live with just us any longer and we set out to finish what we have started.

    These songs now belong to everyone, not just the four of us on our hard drives any longer. We hope you enjoy them. Please like and share if you dig it. We absolutely would love to hear everyone’s feedback and responses.

    Available online, everywhere music is streamed/sold. Some stores may take a few days before showing up.

    You can stream / download the album now here:

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