Dalton Sutton
Dalton SuttonLiberty-minded. Musician.
Full Stack Developer.
My CircleI'm proudly associated with these amazing people and organizations.
Brava Von Den Sturmfalken
Brava Von Den SturmfalkenDog
This is my pup, my absolute best friend. I've had her since she was a puppy and she's the coolest dog ever. She can wink on command.
Bro Code Studios, LLC
Bro Code Studios, LLCCompany
I own Bro Code Studios, LLC, a top-tier music production studio in Topeka, KS. Offering audio engineering and production solutions for artists.
Low Liminal
Low LiminalBand
This is my musical baby. It's a studio project that Quory Soluri and I have teamed up challenge ourselves to write heavy Halloween themed/styled music. Quory handles the vocals and piano while I get to go crazy on the guitars, bass, and drums.
This was a band that I was in back in 2014-2015. We released an EP and played some pretty cool shows, include one where we co-headlined with Silverstein.
Anchoria was formed in 2015 by Nathan Kennedy, Tim Steria, Shane Lear, and Dalton Sutton. In 2017, the band split up and later released an EP "Dream : Divination".
My Manic Mind
My Manic MindBand
My Manic Mind is the brain child of Quory Haven Soluri. Since 2020, we've been working together as songwriter and producer to bring his songs to life. When I lived in New York before 2019, I played bass in the band.
Nathan Kennedy
Nathan KennedyFriend
One of my best friends. Been in several bands together including Anatta & Anchoria.
Quory Haven Soluri
Quory Haven SoluriFriend
One of my best friends. We have a great working relationship when it comes to making music and have worked on over a hundred songs together. Currently working on My Manic Mind & Low Liminal.
Tyler Dane Sutton
Tyler Dane SuttonBrother
This is my older brother. He's an actor/filmmaker.
Jarad Hooge
Jarad HoogeFriend
I consider Jarad my 2nd older brother. He's always been a great family friend and I have many awesome memories with him.
Graybeard Forge
Graybeard ForgeCompany
My Father owns a knife forging business that specializes in creating top-notch custom knives, with an emphasis on steel choice, heat treatment, and blade design to guarantee superior performance and aesthetics.
Tony Soluri
Tony SoluriFriend
Tony taught me everything I know about playing guitar and so much about music in general. I started taking lessons with him when I was ~15 years old and he's been the best teacher and mentor I could have ever had. Please check out his music lesson studio, School of Tone.
Tim Steria
Tim SteriaFriend
Tim is a great friend who played guitar in Anchoria. I miss eating pizza and staying up until 3am on a work night writing songs in his kitchen.
Shane Lear
Shane LearFriend
Shane is a great friend who I've been in many bands with. He played bass for both Anatta and Anchoria. Awesome dude to have a beer with!
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