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Now that 2024 is finally here, I'm thrilled to reveal that I have officially established Bro Code Studios as an LLC and am broadening its scope to include external projects. In the past, Bro Code Studios has functioned as a private studio for producing my own music, or music of my close friends. However, going forward, I am extending its services to provide mixing and mastering to musicians and bands of all kinds. I'm beyond excited for this new adventure and am looking forward to new collaborations and opportunities to work on incredible music.

If you're a musician or band that is looking to have their music mixed and/or mastered, consider Bro Code Studios!

I've revamped our website to feature an extensive breakdown of our services, transparent pricing, audio samples, and a real-time portfolio of our work. It's super easy to get an idea of what we can do, reach out to us, and start working on your project right away.

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