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New Citizen Cover with Quory Haven Soluri!

I recorded this in 2020 during the Covid lockdown and I had originally planned to sing it, however, right before recording vocals, I ended up getting Covid and never finished it. I took another stab at it in Nov ’22, but as luck would have it, Covid struck again and I never finished it. Fast forward to the present, I decided to revisit this project with the intention of *finally* finishing the vocals, only to get Covid once again. Anyway, this song is cursed and I gave up at that point and handed it over to Quory and he killed it like always. Glad to see it finally finished and released into the wild. Enjoy!

Watch the stream video for "Burn, Witch! Burn!" by Low Liminal!

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New Low Liminal album "Tales of the Unhallowed" — available Friday, October 13th!

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