I'm a simple guy. 25 years old. Singer/Songwriter for Measures & Marks. Drummer/Guitarist for Anchoria. I'm kinda all over the place when it comes to playing music. Outside of actually playing music, I really enjoy recording and mixing.

The other half of me has a committed passion for the web. I've always liked the idea of leaving the web a better place than when I found it and helping to make people's lives or work easier.

During my free time, I enjoy hanging out with my German Shepherd, Brava, and learning more about things I don't know or understand.


I've been in a couple bands over the years and have released some music. Below are the bands I've been in.

Development Stack

Below are my weapons of choice for web development. Pretend Tailwind CSS and Bootstrap 4 are mentioned below. I know, I probably lost some points for not having their icons included.

Laravel icon Laravel
Vue.js icon Vue.js
WordPress icon Wordpress
PHP icon PHP 7
MySQL icon MySQL
Adobe Photoshop icon Photoshop
Apple icon Apple
Atom icon Atom
HTML5 icon HTML5
CSS3 icon CSS3
Composer icon Composer
GitHub icon Github
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