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  • Life is way too short to just post that you’re going to change your life, but hesitate to. Social media is pretty depressing when that’s 90% of what I see on my feed. Today, alone. Just a bunch of people not happy with their lives taking it online, and making everyone else’s day blah. Stop posting, stop complaining, start changing. Being happy isn’t just one decision that’s made or a switch that gets flipped, it’s backed by hard work and sometimes hard decisions that have to be made throughout life consisting of both the right and wrong over time.

    At the end of the day, it’s simple. Understand the value you hold and can bring to something bigger than just yourself and take the biggest risk you can with no limits on the table.

    Surprise yourself, I sure as hell did. Am I 100% happy? No, however, I’m a lot happier than I was before I moved halfway across the country and started a new life for myself and my dog. My anxiety and depression is at the lowest it’s been since I can remember and I have a much, much better job than I did before. But I also sacrificed a lot, I don’t get to see my family and friends every day. I gave up everything I knew that could make me happy, and traded it in for the unknown, because I wasn’t happy with where I was at.

    If you’re a friend of mine on Facebook, it’s because I care about you in some capacity. Random wondering will not move you forward. It will make you disappointed and frustrated in the long run. It’ll make you anxious and unhappy and hard to get along with. Stop blaming the world for why your life isn’t better or why you’re not happier, and do something that brings value to you and you bring value to what you do. If the changes you’ve been making aren’t effecting your big picture positively, you’re not doing enough.

    A decade is almost over. Think about that for a moment. Even I just realized today, I bought my first domain name, 10 years ago. I played music for the first time with a band, 10 years ago. If what I’ve done in the last decade is any indication of what I can do in the next, I think it’s going to be pretty significant and I’m overly excited.

    I think everyone deserves to feel this way. Do something else if what you’re doing now isn’t cutting it. Don’t always play to your strengths, challenge your weaknesses too. We all have one life, and we’re all just trying to get by.

    Respect, take care, take chances.

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