Jumping Ship - My Manic Mind

June 24, 2020General

New surprise album from My Manic Mind, available now on Bandcamp and all major music streaming platforms!

Jumping Ship is the second EP released by My Manic Mind. It was written and recorded in four days and is the first album released by My Manic Manic to feature Quory Haven Soluri solely writing and performing the music. Jumping Ship arrives filled with unapologetic power and focused determination after a falling out with the members of the band while aiming to capture the array of raw emotions felt at the time. Shortly after he started writing, former bassist, Dalton Sutton was tapped to produce the album and has signed on as the producer for the project.

Track list:

  1. Dead Weight
  2. Watch Me Swim
  3. You Got This
  4. Who You Can Trust
  5. What It Takes
  6. Walk The Plank

First of all, I’m overwhelmingly proud of Quory Haven Soluri. For a vast majority of people, I don’t think they would have stayed quiet on social media after having their band’s page hijacked by former members. Instead, he wrote an album in 4 days. Thursday he had 0 songs, on Sunday I had 6 brand new songs that were fully written and recorded, mixed, mastered and sent back to him. The thing about Quory is, you simply don’t tell him he can’t do something because he’ll absolutely prove you wrong. I’ve missed working with this dude and he is one of the most talented friends that I’ve had the pleasure of working together in music. If you’ve supported My Manic Mind in any way, give this a listen. Quory is steering a new ship now and it has a new sound. I’m very thankful to him for allowing me to produce this and trust me with my ideas towards it. This is some of not only his best work, but I believe mine as well. I’ve never gotten a cleaner mix or a master to be as dynamic as this is. I’d love to hear everyone’s feedback on it.

Being in My Manic Mind for over a year and a half, I understood the dynamic very well and who did what. My decision to leave the band was influenced by the actions of a certain member at the time and my idea to leave New York. Music is about community and is, for a lot of people, their escape from the drama of work, family, politics, etc. Divisive issues shouldn’t be used to divide fans.

Much respect to Quory for his calm and collected approach to handling this situation. For those who have unfollowed the band due to what was said on the page, please reconsider and support this version of My Manic Mind. It has my full backing, if that means anything. After hearing the plans and demos for the full-length next, you’ll wanna hear what Quory has in store for it.

Respect, take care, take chances. Enjoy.

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