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  • Since the beginning of last year, I had the thought that 2019 was just an awful year. Lots of things didn’t go my way in the first half of it. I lost a relationship, was out of work and left my band. A lot of negative change, but I didn’t want to end the year on a negative note, so I started planning for positive change.

    I decided to leave New York. It wasn’t for me and it was time to go. In doing so, I had to say goodbye to my family and close friends. It’s been a few months since moving and as much as I miss everyone, I know I’ve made the best decision to leave. Being able to challenge myself in a new place has been a valuable learning experience for setting up the future I want for myself.

    In August, I accepted a job in Kansas City, Missouri but turned it down en route to moving to Kansas due to a few reasons. When I arrived in Topeka, I had another job interview the same week. Luckily, the stars had aligned and I couldn’t be happier at this job and working with the people I work with.

    A huge goal of mine for the last few years was to release Anchoria’s album that we had started writing back in 2015. Before I moved, I had all the instruments recorded, but not all the vocals. So I got together with Nate Kennedy and he was able to knock out the last 4 or 5 songs that needed vocals and he killed it. We were able to release “Dream : Divination” on October 31st, Halloween 2019. As being the one who helped write and shape these songs to production and mixing, I’m extremely proud of these songs and the work we all put into it. It’s my proudest piece of art I’ve had a hand in creating. Available on all streaming platforms as well as available on CD, check it out at https://anchoriaband.com/.

    I finished up 2019 in Kansas, surrounded by family I’ve really never been around before in my life. I’m extremely grateful for how welcoming they’ve been to not only me but to Brava as well. My aunt and uncle have been nothing but supportive and uplifting in my decision to move across the country and for wanting to make a life for myself on my own. I’m very proud of the family that I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of.

    2020 will be a year of learning and struggling, hopefully, the good kind of struggle. The one that leads to self-progression and I’m looking forward to it. I plan on having a stronger focus on my music with the goal of writing and demoing at least one new song a month for no reason other than to challenge myself. I want to pull what I think I can out of my head and try to understand myself a little better.

    We’ll see how this goes, happy 2020 to everyone reading. Crazy times we live in, but lucky enough to be living through it.

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