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  • I was going to post this and say “we’ve got a show on Saturday at the @flashbacklounge” but I can’t stop thinking about how I sometimes neglect how other people deal with their own stresses. It’s so easy to tell someone “don’t stress or worry about anything” but I feel like I keep forgetting not everyone has a reliable way to release their stresses. It’s especially hard when it’s someone you care about deeply. I’m very fortunate and grateful for the friends that I have and our ability to get together and make music. This is the greatest therapy anyone could ask for and beyond thankful I have the opportunity to do what I’ve always wanted. I wish everyone I care about the same kind of way they could feel at peace when everything in life feels chaotic. Here’s a snippet of tonight’s @anchoriaband practice minus @nastynabisco. I love these guys and their ability to cheer me up whenever we get together.

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