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  • I am so beyond proud of this dude, @quoryhavensoluri. He just dropped his first full-length album, 14 tracks. Lot of work went into it the last few months. I always have a blast working with Quory, and THIS is my favorite feeling. Finishing up something we’ve worked hard to make sound just right, and waiting for it to drop, and the every-little-thing in between. The last few albums we’ve dropped I’ve been halfway across the country and so to actually be together during an album drop, and to go on the radio to talk about it together was super awesome to me. Thank you, Quory, for letting me be apart of your manic project and for trusting me with what you do. You’re an incredible friend and I’m so proud and stoked for you buddy. Congratulations on another milestone! Everyone, please go take a listen to “Chasing Stars” by My Manic Mind. Might have something on there for you to enjoy.

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