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  • Had my last guitar lesson today. I’ve been going to Tony Soluri at School of Tone for almost 10 years. Growing up, Tony had been a terrific positive male role model when my father was deployed. I’ve been very fortunate to not only have him as a music teacher, but as an overall mentor and one of my closest friends. Very rarely would I continue to have a bad day after having a lesson. Since I was 15, Thursday’s have always been my favorite day of the week for the simple reason of guitar lessons.
    Not only am I grateful for having Tony in my life and teaching me so much about music, but I’m also very thankful for his son, Quory and the time that we’ve spent playing music together. I’ve learned a vast amount of what I know about music from these two individuals just wanting to share what they know about music with others. And I couldn’t see myself learning from anyone else. The greatest birthday present my parents gave me were signing me up for lessons with Tony all those years ago.
    Thank you for everything, Tony. All the long conversations we’ve had, sharing your knowledge of music with me, and being an incredible friend. I look forward to having more conversations in the future and will definitely be sure to stop by when I visit.

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